Our comprehensive training facility has been designed specifically to train those who wish to gain their Private Pilot's Licence efficiently while saving money and becoming a better and safer pilot.

"Having been in awe of flight from a very young age and now having taught many people to fly, the thrill of flying a plane and satisfaction gained from performing a great landing even in challenging weather is, I believe, unparalleled, and an experience I would like to make accessible to all aspiring pilots, young and old."

edward jackson Icarus simulation limited.jpg

         Edward Jackson BSc. Hons

F.I. & ATPL holder

Conceived and built by an ATPL Commercial Pilot and flight instructor by sourcing the best components from across Europe, our simulator is unparalleled in its design and ability to train pilots in the north of the UK. With over 2000 light aircraft hours and over 3000 instructional hours, our instructor breaks down every aspect of flying and communicates it with clarity.