Exclusive to Icarus Simulation Limited

Our complete 20-hour Synthetic Flight Training Course is composed of five 4-hour modules.

  • Experience the thrill of learning to fly just like a real pilot.
  • We currently offer five course modules, each consisting of 4 hours of training:
    • Principles of flight
    • Instrumentation
    • Emergencies
    • Navigation
    • Advanced Navigation

The modules may be purchased separately or all together. Exclusive to our course students, we also offer the chance to take the controls of a real aircraft to apply newly learned skills in a real-world environment from Durham Tees Valley Airport.

With the purchase of a full course, then there is an option to add a flying lesson from Durham Tees Valley Airport to the end of the course at a heavily discounted rate.

COURSE 1 - Principles of Flight

  • Primary & Secondary Effects of Controls
  • Aircraft structure & how a piston engine works
  • Straight & Level Flight
  • Climbing and Descending
  • Stalling & Recovery

COURSE 2 - Instrumentation

  • Flying in poor weather conditions using instruments:

Level flight

Climbing, Descending & Turning

  • Position finding using VOR/DME
  • Rate 1 turns & the basic holding pattern.
  • Flying an ILS approach in low visibility.

See our current HALL OF FAME for students who have completed the Instrument Route Challenge.

COURSE 3 - Emergencies

  • Emergencies on the ground: 

Engine fire during start

Electrical failure

Engine failure after take off

  • Engine failure at altitude including engine fire
  • Radio Failure
  • Abandoned take off, Go-around

COURSE 4 - Navigation

  • Visual flight rules (VFR) navigation planning and radio calls (classroom only)
  • Newcastle to Carlisle Flight (pre-planned)
  • Durham To Newcastle Flight (self planned)
  • Solo flight (self-planned)

COURSE 5 - Advanced Navigation

  • On route diversion planning (VFR)
  • VOR Tracking
  • ADF Tracking
  • Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight from Carlisle to Newcastle & introduction to auto-pilot