Accelerate your learning...

Save time

Learning to fly is not cheap. Making the most of every second in the air is key to getting your money's worth. In the UK the weather is a major delay factor forcing most students to spend time in the air re-capping after a prolonged break. 

Using our flight simulator during these times to practice skills and radio work allows students to progress during every lesson in the air.

The capacity for learning is greatly increased in the simulator due to the lack of external distractions and dangers inherent in a real flight. The majority of students cover around 5 x more content in the simulator than in the same amount of time in the air.

Save money

Having learned all the theory and practical aspects of the Private Pilots Licence in the Simulator time spent in the air is significantly more cost effective. Without spending money on recap / catch-up lessons.



If a lesson cannot go ahead due to poor weather, then the simulator will be available for training should the student wish to make the most of the time set aside. Students progress further through the learning requirements of the Private Pilots Licence and beyond, covering skills and knowledge up to commercial level which makes for a safer, more accomplished pilot

Learning speed in the simulator is greatly accelerated as the time is used more efficiently and learning capacity is greatly increased due to the lack of distractions. On the whole, significantly less time is required.

This makes training more cost effective in the long run and will inevitably save time.

For those who wish to complete the simulator course before setting foot in a plane, the private pilot licence course becomes a much more straight forward and achievable task within the allotted 45 hours.