What we offer

available for adults and juniors aged 8 and over

Experience lessons

1 or 2 hours

All of our experiences are delivered on a one-to-one basis. On arrival we will discuss any flying experience you have to date and then what you would like to gain from the lesson. We will then tailor your lesson to match your ability and experience and will continually adapt it during your time in the simulator to gain as much knowledge as possible. Your instructor will be a commercial pilot and qualified flight instructor who will clearly talk you through each scenario and explain how to manage the aircraft.

Although no experience is necessary to take a Trial / Experience Lesson with us, our facility is fully equipped to test the most seasoned pilot!



(4 to 20 hours)

Fully endorsed by the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, as an Approved Activity Provider, our courses are delivered on a one-to-one basis. The course books and instrument panel wall poster were written in-house by a commercial pilot and qualified flight instructor specifically for our uniquely immersive simulator. It incorporates age-relevant maths, physics and geography to help give context and meaning to school work. The course content has been carefully crafted around the commercial pilot licence and condenses the practical flying and knowledge of 18 months of full time commercial pilot training into just 20 hours. It provides the perfect head start to anyone looking follow the integrated commercial pilot training route. By the end of the full 20 hour course, students should be able to plan a real world navigational flight, complete the radio calls with Air Traffic Control, taxi, take off, fly the planned route within reasonable tolerances in and around other aircraft, return, land and taxi back to parking with no help from the instructor. So with each full course we offer the opportunity to put your new-found skills and knowledge into practice in the real world of aviation. In addition we also offer hours towards the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Read more...